Extend Visual Composer and increase the power to it

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
This plugin adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer into the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost awareness of details and a simple objective to offer you an ultimate experience. We�ve put a lot of time and choose to ensure that all the elements are flexible in order that they will open limitless possibilities to suit your needs, while maintaining simplicity fundamentally.Icons – This can be element to integrate an easy icon (font & image, both kinds) in your page and use it as you wish. Or you can utilize Visual Composer grids and display a summary of logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, etc.Info Box – Perhaps, the most used trend right now, Info Boxes truly help make your website stand out helping you highlight the important stuff you have on offer.Info List – Traditional HTML lists are boring, aren�t they? This elements simply re-imagines the lists. You may take an opportunity and apply it�s cool design to exhibit some process or simply just highlight your most popular / related products, services & features.Flip Box – This element combines the strength of �Info Box� & �Call to Action� block altogether. On the front, it would seem like a normal Info Box speculate visitor hovers on the market, it flips using a cool CSS3 effect and shows a Call to Action section, provoking him to consider a call.Counter – Wish to show your milestones, achievements as well as any other numeric statistics with animated numbers? This element can help!Interactive Banner – Often, image banners prove useful as they are very convenient and obvious method to deliver your message precisely. This element will display those image blocks inside a nicer & interactive way.Modal Popup Box – This is one of the very useful element that may go on any website. Create modal popup boxes and embed anything you wish inside the popup box through easy WYSIWYG editor.Timeline – Display a period in a Facebook style or simply showcase your features, process or highlights little creatively. We now have taken special efforts with custom JavaScript & CSS codes making it as perfect as you can.Extended Google Maps – Visual Composer comes with Google Maps element by default. But our Extended Googles Maps element uses latest APIs and lets you do more with it. Upload marker images, write custom HTML in map info box and control precisely what goes with map.The use of Addons complements the sun and rain of the well-known WordPresspage builder – Visual Composer. Should you still find this unclear, look at the previous post �Best Visual Composer Extensions� for better clarification. Also, you can check the post �Best Visual Composer Extensions.�Aside the sun and rain provided by WPBakery, this plugin also equips your Visual composer with lots of first-class elements .All the extensions essental to your Visual Composer ought to be covered by Ultimate Addons. Ultimate Addons is rated since the best-selling addon solution for the standard WordPress page builder, with a 4.80/5 average rating as well as over 9,000 copies sold.Any extension or Addon for Visual Composer definitely requires Visual Composer.For those who already have useful themes integrated using their Visual Composer, it is still possible to use Ultimate addons for Visual Composer plugin if heavy modification is not done to the Core Visual Composer plugin. It’s also possible to wish to try first before you buy. This is possible through a login data which will be sent to any email you provide. You will get a link for the login. When this is done, you have a Round-the-clock free trial of Ultimate addons for Visual Composer which is enough to help you evaluate if it�s useful to you. Don�t waste time you have for trial.
Download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

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